Tips Menghadapi Makcik di Hari Raya

Every single raya you will find this kind of problem. Nothing can ever quench the thirst of the makciks who love to ask you questions like:

"Bila nak kahwin?"
"Bila nak ada baby?"
"Bila nak beli rumah?"

Guess what? As a normal human being, I too want a family of my own. Want a wife who I can love day and night, to be a great husband. Believe me, I am ready to settle down - I'm ready.

..except in the money department lah. Most young professionals find it hard to start a life because they are having not enough money. I'm lucky to have better luck than most of them for starting but the problem is still there - not enough money. If it were up to us, my partner and I would be just fine with a ring and doa selamat but you know, the same makcik will say things they are not supposed to do. Besides, some parents like to do it the traditional way but we don't want to sacrifice our future for the sake of a 1-day party. I don't think that's right at all. I even started an online business selling pearls to friends and followers (which went well, by the way).

So, I took some time at work today when there was no class to teach and I had finished all the work I was supposed to do to draw these cartoons to illustrate how to tackle the annoying makciks' question. If you're pushing, then you're paying lah kan?

I will seriously do this. Hopefully nobody will get mad about this :P

Today I Learn: How to Set Washing Machine Water Inlet Hose

Last 2 weeks or maybe last week, I can't really remember. I received my fully-paid washing machine. Upon reception, the men who delivered the long-awaited washing machine did not install the water inlet. I have since been trying to find time to add new piles to my kitchen sink where the washing machine was put in and I was kinda successful with that.

This is my first time ever buying a washing machine with my own money and having it installed and lifted from main door to the kitchen by myself. I am lucky that I am a man

Installing the pipes and piles alone have taken an hour of my time excluding the time spent at a 20-minutes-away hardware store. After 2 times of going back and forth to the store, I learned that I needed screwdrivers and spanners. At that point of time, I had given up and put the water into my automatic washing machine. The result was gallons of water wasted from leakage. 

So, a week later, which is today, I bought the adjustable spanner and screwdrivers to have this finished once and for all. Even though I am a guy, I hate it when my clothes smell. I'm pretty sure people around me won't fancy that too.

But, no. There's still leakage and shit. To make matter worse, I have dropped the inlet head (the one that you attach to the pile end) and all the rubber and plastic are scattered on the floor. The manual did not have the small parts' guide so I didn't know which is which.

Which brought me to visit another hardware store which also sells electrical stuff. Over there, I find this amazing stuff that you can just stick up to the pile end and then tighten it up and you're done. Of course, I was at first skeptical as I have always been but I decided to climb down from my ego pedestal and ask the salesgirl there about the items I was inspecting - to which she said that the one with the rubber is better (despite of costing less).

So here's my setup now and there is no more leakage of water. Just put it in, and use a screwdriver for that piece of metal at the black rubber area you see in the photo. This thing costed me RM10.50 and I'm sure it is much cheaper there in Semenanjung Malaysia

Why did I blog about this? Because it is something new that I've learned today and I hope it could help you too





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