Six Mistakes When Decorating Small Spaces

With the prices per square footage soaring, especially in the city, you might be faced with downsizing your real estate dreams. You will find yourself battling with limited space and living in close quarters. For example, you might have found an ideal location to rent house in Singapore, but the total square-footage of the place leaves much to be desired.

We don’t need to remind you about how tricky decorating a small space can be: it speaks for itself. Although the norms is to look for advice on what to do when decorating your petite pad, sometimes it can be more helpful to know what not to do. Have a look at our guide so you can avoid learning the hard way.

Underestimating Natural Light

Lighting is a key element to consider when decorating any room. Do not forget the mantra: natural light your best friend. Nothing is quite as pretty as the effect of natural light in a room. It helps brighten the overall mood. This is even more so if your space is small. Not only does it make everything look better, brighter and more beautiful, it makes your space look spacious (pardon the word play). In fact, natural light is your room’s best accessory.

Since we all can’t enlarge the windows already built in our homes, you can pull some tricks out of your sleeves by making full use of décor pieces. For example, placing mirrors on walls opposite from your windows can help reflect and spread the light. Not only does it reflect the light, it also doubles the visual space in your home (Another tip: good placement of furniture and décor can do wonders to your space). Tweaking your finishes is also another good way to go. You can opt for woven blinds or even add a second layer of sheer curtains. This helps filter sunlight rather than block it. If your space gets limited natural light, help play up the little amount of light that you do get by keeping your dominant paint hues and furniture colors light.

Crowding The Surfaces

Limited space is still limited space, no matter how many smart storage solutions and organizational rituals you come up with. It is thus even more important for you to evaluate your stuff and make sure it is meaningful or functional. Although it is harder to keep a small space organized and tidy, it is critical that you do so. You wouldn’t want something useless taking up precious space. Of course, clutter is a challenge for anyone who lives in a small space.

Interrupting Visual Flow

Here’s another mantra: cohesion, cohesion, cohesion. Whether your apartment is an open-space plan, or one with defined rooms, lack of cohesion is another mistake you should not deign to make. Without cohesion, your rooms will not flow and you might get that disjointed feeling when you walk from room to room or throughout your space.

You can help make your space look larger by visually connecting the rooms. This can be done through a unified color palette. A cohesive wall color throughout your apartment is essential to creating a look that flows. It helps keep the space feeling larger than it actually seems and is vital if you have an open floor plan. However, it is equally essential even if you have defined rooms, as a sudden change in color can also be quite jarring, even behind closed doors.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your walls have to be the exact same color throughout your space. Just keep the color palette unified by selecting shades that complement each other. For example, you can select a family of different blues for your walls: perhaps a light aquamarine for your living room, and yet a sensual dark blue for your bedroom. Although it is a good idea to keep it similar, you don’t have to stick to one color on the walls. Sometimes, cohesion can be created through an accent color that is unified: a navy-blue couch in one room, an accent wall in another, or a rug in yet another. Use the same color but reflect it throughout your space in different ways in order to create a sense of seamless flow and cohesion.

Fighting Your Size

Don’t fight your small space. Rather, embrace it! The sooner you accept the fact that you have a small space, the quicker you can start taking steps to make the most out of it. Having the right mindset and self-awareness is half the way in getting there.

You have to accept your smaller space and adjust your way of decorating when it comes to it. For example, if you don’t have the room for certain pieces of furniture, find simpler alternatives that can serve the same purpose. Replace that bulky bedside table with a simple stool to rest your phone, magazines and some tiny table lamps. Forego a large media cabinet by mounting your TV directly on the wall, or by tucking it into a bookshelf. Another tip is to make your furniture do multiple duties. Your dining table is also your work desk, and also your kitchen table. Leave the urge to cram more items into your limited space, as it will only lead to a squashed space that is not only unusable, but unsightly.

Wasting Valuable Space

When space is already limited, all space is valuable. So, you need to get creative when it comes to storage areas and seemingly dead space. For example, you can incorporate large floor-to-ceiling shelving to fully utilize all available space. This includes the space above window frames. You can also place a sofa in front of bookcases. This is an unexpected way to hide the plethora of storage options behind it.

Playing It Safe

Whatever design ethos you commit to, a lack of square footage does not mean your home has to be bland. Sometimes, playing it too safe can be a mistake. A lack of space doesn’t mean that your home has to be all off-white. Why don’t you try incorporating large-scale patterns and brightly colored accents to your space? You never know, sometimes a bold step forward can be just the thing you need to distract the eye from the lack of excess space.




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