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Terms and conditions:

  1. The fee shown in the form above is an estimated cost. Actual cost may vary.
  2. 50% deposit must be paid before any date is reserved and any work could be done. The rest must be cleared before the finished work is returned to the customer.
  3. Request for receipt/invoice/confirmation letter must be made upon booking. Late request will incur a fee of RM20. This is for me to allocate time to make a late receipt.
  4. Proofreading is something I do on the side. Therefore, I am not certified to proofread documents that will legally hold me responsible for any mistakes. But, do ask! Sometimes I like to live dangerously too.
  5. Fee variation depends on urgency as I would have to sacrifice my sleep and rest hours to check on your document. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you finish writing up your documents 2 weeks before submission date line.
  6. Fee is based word count and never on page count because I do not charge for images, charts, and graphs (if any) in your document. Therefore, the fairest method is to charge by word count.
Asfan the Proofreader


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